Dress Assembly

Assembling the Dress

Stitch center seams in dress back and facing back (If these pieces were cut on the fold, disregard this step.) On selvedge edges iron them flatly open to each side.
Finish raw edges. Any method is acceptable: zigzag them together and iron to one side, surger, etc.

Finish the bottoms of each facing. Zigzag along the edge and/or turn up ¼” and stitch again to form a hem. Place front facing on dress front, right sides together, lining up neck and armhole edges. Pin or baste, then stitch in a continuous line around the left armhole, across top of left shoulder, around the neckline, across top of right shoulder, and around the right armhole. Leave all side seams free.

Repeat for dress back and facing.

Trim seam allowances, clip into seam allowance around curves, trim shoulder corners, and then turn facing right side out. Use closed scissors or dull pencil point to poke corners of shoulders out. Iron carefully into shape.

At this point, if you are adding a pocket or two, see note below on “optional pockets”.

Place front and back of dress together with right sides together. On the dress side seams, pin or baste, then stitch each seam together from the underarm seam to the hem (reversing at the armpit as you begin to sew for reinforcement).

Pin and stitch the sides of front and back facings together . Zigzag raw edges together from underarm to hem. Iron the side seams and facings flat to one side.

Top stitch the facings firmly to the dress on both side seam lines.

Top stitch dress front and back, in a continuous line from arm hole to arm hole ¼” from edge, reinforcing well with reverse stitching at the center and at each side seam to prevent underarms from pulling loose at the side seams.

On dress hemline, turn up ¼” inch and iron. Turn up hem again. Stitch all around, backstitching at each seam. Press hem.

Cut a Velcro piece (must be 1 ½” “wide Velcro) to fit one dress shoulder. Overlap the back shoulder flap over the front shoulder flap. Velcro should span the width of the flap and must be stitched firmly in place. See photos in document entitled: “Velcro- More than you ever wanted to know!”

Velcro is not mandatory on the second shoulder. Top stitch firmly in place matching the overlap and stitching of the Velcro’d shoulder. However, some sewers find it easier to put Velcro on both shoulders and that is fine.

Pockets: One or two simple pockets are a nice touch. Please make sure they are large enough to be functional. Stitch on dress front before sewing side seams. They should be securely attached, especially at the top of the pocket.

Trim: Trim may be added to the dress but please avoid anything that may fray or fall off easily. White eyelet or lace is not a good idea.

Most importantly: Please pray for the child who will receive your dress. Made with love and prayers, your dress will bring enormous joy, hope and opportunity to a precious little girl!