Revised Dress Patterns and Sweater Pattern

****Each dress shipped from our Naples headquarters are shipped to the orphans with a new t-shirt underneath the dress as well as a pair of new underwear and a prayer card in the pocket!   For more information on these items, please see below.****

DRESS PATTERNS with *New Information:

We have begun making a smaller dress, size Extra Small, to accommodate the younger girls. The new Extra Small pattern is available to download below. *Please note: this pattern uses a 3/8″ seam allowance.

The Small/Medium pattern has been “slimmed down” and the new pattern (revision date: 8/29/17) is available below.  A total of 2 1/2″ has been taken off the width of the dress at the hemline.  A seam allowance of 5/8″ is used.

Large and Extra Large dresses that have already been sewn are welcome and will be shipped to Tanzania.   However, it is our intent to now focus on the apparent need of the smaller sizes: Extra Small, Small and Medium.

We suggest patterns be printed at a FedEx/Kinkos, Office Depot or similar place as it is too large to print on a regular size printer. The digital documents can usually be emailed to a printing store or the file can be copied onto a thumb drive or similar device and taken to the print store for processing.  The cost is approximately .75/sq. ft. or an average of $10/pattern.

 Click here for dress patterns:

 SM & MED pattern- revised March 2015       XSMALL pattern- revised May 2017

2015 children in new sweatersT-TOP SWEATER PATTERN:

As the nights can be quite chilly, knitted sweaters are always needed for the children.

Click here for sweater pattern:

Revised sweater  pattern May 2017



Should you like to provide a shirt, underwear, and/or a prayer card with your dress, please see the guidelines below:

T-shirts: Gildan (or similar brand) Size: youth small

Underwear: Girls Cotton Briefs  (please no bikinis, thongs, etc.)-  Girls Size 4 for extra small dress, Girls Size 6 for small dress, Girls Size 8 for medium dress

Prayer cardPRAYER CARD rev.


Please mail dresses and sweaters to:          

Sewing for Hope/Tumaini Fund USA

c/o Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal Church

553 Galleon Dr.

Naples, FL 34102

If you would like verification that your garments were received, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope or an email address. Thank you!

Sewing for Hope/Tumaini Fund Contact:

Lis Wilson, Sewing for Hope Director