Velcro- more than you ever wanted to know!


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Velcro Specifications: 

  • 1 ½” wide Sew-On (not stick on) Velcro
  • Color: Beige is preferable but any color is acceptable

Velcro sources:

1 ½” wide x 15’ Velcro can be ordered by the box- Item # 14655. The approximate cost is $33/box.

This is the most economical source for Velcro though it comes in large quantities. Two items are needed:  Style #120 (hook) and Style #121 (loop). Each roll has 25 yards of 1 ½” wide Velcro. The price of each roll is $25.

Cutting the proper size of Velcro for the shoulder straps:

Velcro                                                    differing Velcro

The Velcro  on the  floral dress (above left) and on the blue/green dress (above right)  is perfect as it is the preferred 1 ½” wide size, is stitched with an “X” and it covers close to the entire width of shoulder flaps.

The Velcro on the orange dress (above right) is acceptable as it is the preferred 1 ½” wide size and it is securely sewn with an “X”. However, it would have been preferable to cover more area of the shoulder flap for increased durability and lifespan.

The red/white/blue dress (above right) uses ¾” wide Velcro. While this dress is gratefully accepted, it will need to have the shoulder flaps “revamped” a bit to for the dress to survive the sandy and dirty conditions of Africa. The thinner strips of Velcro tend to lose their “sticking” ability faster than the wider product.


Helpful Hint:

Sewing the Velcro piece in place on all four sides plus finishing with an “X” increases the longevity of the dress.