Yardage Requirements

Yardage Requirements


Two way designs (also called without nap) are prints that look the same whether held upside down or right side up.  When the print is 2-way, pattern pieces can be turned top to bottom for cutting.  This is the preferred fabric.

Required yardage for each size dress using 44-45 inch fabric:

Dress Size                    2 way fabric (without nap)   

Small                            1 and 3/8 yd

Medium                        1 and 3/4 yd

Large                            1 and 3/4 yd

X-Large                         2  yds

NOTE:  All dress layouts were tested using 44 inch wide fabric folded in half lengthwise.

HINT:   Fold fabric right sides together. Center back seam is then ready to stitch after it is cut out.

best pattern layout pic


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SFH Yardage Requirements